Music has been a major part of my life since I was born. My mother played the piano and I started playing at 8. At 10, I joined a choir at the Montreal Cathedral and stayed with them until I was 21. I also played saxophone for three years and gave a try to a few other instruments.

Discovering Reason (music software by Propellerhead, now Line6) was a crucial moment in my relationship with music. I now had a wonderful, rather simple and really fun tool to explore and finally create music that had been in my head for a long time. As soon as I mastered it enough to get good results without too much trouble, I decided to embark on a long term project.

That was the birth of Delayed Echoes. It’s the name I gave to my music project. I felt it reflected my style of music pretty well. I produced two albums which you can find on this site and download for free. Although they are experimentations and rather amateur, I tried to produce them as professionally as I could, even getting the help of a professional mastering engineer for the final touch.

Quite some time has passed since those two albums and I don’t think I’ll embark again on such long term projects. One track at a time would be more reasonable and enjoyable for me. I am also exploring the possibility of integrating my beloved 3 strings cigar box guitar in the mix to bring an analog and human touch to my ambient tracks.

I hope you enjoy the material I propose here.

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