Here’s my current work in photography.

This site being a blog, I’ll try to post as frequently as possible.  I won’t go for a portfolio type of selection but more for a collection of whatever caught my eye.  Also, one thing I want to explore is the 16:9 format my camera allows.  This will impose a little artistic challenge that should be fun.  I’m used to frame for that format in video so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Camera used: 2004-2009: Voigtländer Bessa R2 / 2009-2012: Panasonic Lumix LX3 / 2013… Sony DSC-RX100

I hope you enjoy this.

First street photo outing in a long, way too long time.  I decided I’d give the “shoot from the hip” technique a try.  I had never used it before. I set my RX-100 for continuous shooting (speed preferred) with face recognition and I walked around the downtown area of Montreal. […]

I went for the first time to Bar Waverly.  A friend of mine works there.  I showed up early, around 5pm.  I love early evenings in bars.  There’s always something nice to observe. I was at the bar.  I don’t remember exactly how those two empty glasses ended up there […]

Picture taken at Bar Passeport in Montreal.  A round of Russian Roulettes being flambé. Once again, the Rx-100 did an amazing job on this snapshot.  Shot in RAW and PP in Lightroom 4.

Now that I have my Sony RX100, I can get decent results at night. Amazing results actually, considering the size of the camera. Here are two samples of snapshots I took at night on the streets of Montreal.  RX100 ISO 320 10.4mm f/1.8 1/30 sec  RX100 ISO 6400 29.8mm f/4.5 […]

What a better way to start a new year than with a new camera!  I got my brand new Sony RX100 on New Year’s Eve and had a blast torturing it to find out what it’s capable of.  So far, I am in love!  It will be a great tool and it […]



I went to my friend Phil’s palce for a Christmas dinner.  He has a few pinballs in the basement.   Here’s closeup on one of them,

While waiting for the bus on my way to work, I noticed the contrast between the red leaves, the green cedar and the grey stone.

After the storm… The sky was impressive enough to have me go out with my camera and take this picture.

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been really busy with my new job and my new apartment. Today was the third day of filming for a corporate video I’m working on with friends.  Today’s shoot was in a data center with lots of servers around us.  Lots […]



While having a beer with friends in their backyard, we found this cicada near the table and decided to invite it to our table.  It stayed there for a while.  It might have been injured.  I had time to take several shots from different angles.  This one is my favorite.