Here’s my current work in photography.

This site being a blog, I’ll try to post as frequently as possible.  I won’t go for a portfolio type of selection but more for a collection of whatever caught my eye.  Also, one thing I want to explore is the 16:9 format my camera allows.  This will impose a little artistic challenge that should be fun.  I’m used to frame for that format in video so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Camera used: 2004-2009: Voigtländer Bessa R2 / 2009-2012: Panasonic Lumix LX3 / 2013… Sony DSC-RX100

I hope you enjoy this.

Saint Jude, the Patron of Lost Causes, has lost one battle here.  What was the only sanctuary devoted to the Saint in North America is turning into condos.  This is the bell tower seen from the back alley.

Today, I went to the Botanical Garden of Montreal.  I spent a few hours there and took a few pictures.  It was nice to see the gardens in this early Spring stage.  I was not expecting as many flowers as I saw.  Naturally, most of those flowers were in the […]



After struggling for two days with pretty bad news (and not taking a single picture), I finally got some nice chilling time and this picture represents it best.  Thanks to all who helped in the process.

I was getting bored, waiting in the van for my friend.  I took out my camera and started to shoot things, especially elements inside the van.



This afternoon, I installed new reflectors on my bicycle and when I saw that one in the light, I figured it would make a nice macro shot.  Color contrast, lines vs curves…

This apartment building caught my attention while I was walking back home.  The architecture is rather nice and the orange color makes a strong contrast with the blue sky.

The tree in front of my house at night.  A long exposure using the nearby street light.



I spotted this while having a beer in the backyard.  The setting sun created this.