First street photo outing in a long, way too long time.  I decided I’d give the “shoot from the hip” technique a try.  I had never used it before. I set my RX-100 for continuous shooting (speed preferred) with face recognition and I walked around the downtown area of Montreal. […]

I went for the first time to Bar Waverly.  A friend of mine works there.  I showed up early, around 5pm.  I love early evenings in bars.  There’s always something nice to observe. I was at the bar.  I don’t remember exactly how those two empty glasses ended up there […]

Picture taken at Bar Passeport in Montreal.  A round of Russian Roulettes being flambé. Once again, the Rx-100 did an amazing job on this snapshot.  Shot in RAW and PP in Lightroom 4.

Now that I have my Sony RX100, I can get decent results at night. Amazing results actually, considering the size of the camera. Here are two samples of snapshots I took at night on the streets of Montreal.  RX100 ISO 320 10.4mm f/1.8 1/30 sec  RX100 ISO 6400 29.8mm f/4.5 […]

What a better way to start a new year than with a new camera!  I got my brand new Sony RX100 on New Year’s Eve and had a blast torturing it to find out what it’s capable of.  So far, I am in love!  It will be a great tool and it […]



I went to my friend Phil’s palce for a Christmas dinner.  He has a few pinballs in the basement.   Here’s closeup on one of them,

While waiting for the bus on my way to work, I noticed the contrast between the red leaves, the green cedar and the grey stone.

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been really busy with my new job and my new apartment. Today was the third day of filming for a corporate video I’m working on with friends.  Today’s shoot was in a data center with lots of servers around us.  Lots […]



While having a beer with friends in their backyard, we found this cicada near the table and decided to invite it to our table.  It stayed there for a while.  It might have been injured.  I had time to take several shots from different angles.  This one is my favorite.